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Wooden Worktops Environmental Factors

Wood worktops, the environment and the exotic

The range of wooden worktops has steadily increased from just the traditional worktops to the more exotic worktop, which has come about as our culture of style has developed in the UK.

The tastes in kitchen worktops have developed from a time where the choice was restricted to just laminate worktops or wood worktops as the quality and expensive alternative and even then the choice was either beech, pine or oak. Another difference is that these quality wooden worktops would remain in-situ for thirty or forty years without need for change, perhaps with an occasional sanding down and a re-oil to keep them looking their best.

Granite and marble have always been popular and until fairly recently they too were an expensive choice but new technology has produced Corain worktops, along with other composite worktops to revolutionise the worktop and kitchn makeover market. Concrete and even glass are all available as alternative materials for the more adventurous styles for your kitchen!

So the ever increasing culture of choice has eventually come to the wood market too, with customers, who were happy before with a small choice of just Oak or Beech, now wanting exotics like Wenge or Zebrano and the very traditional chocie of pine worktops has ceased to exist. Iroko, Mahogany, Sapelli and Teak are now more likely to be the norm.

There are hundreds of new tree species waiting to be discovered but perhaps at a price. Today's discerning consumers of under glossy magazine style infulience want exotic and unusual woods but they also want those woods to be sourced from sustainable forests or farmed and managed forests.

The desire for the unusual woods has to be balanced with the environmental concerns of the UK nation and the world. South American sourced woods have been a big no-no for many years and should remain so for the foreseeable future. People are also sceptical of the African sourced woods too and rightly so. How could anyone sleep at night with a clear conscience knowing their floor is made from the last tree of that type in the world!

Choice for exotic woods is available now, but they are from sustainable forests so we can all sleep easy knowing our stylish kitchens are still on the green side!

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