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Oak Strip Flooring

European Oak Strip gives a sleek modern look and a floor that can last a lifetime

At 18-21mm thick you get the unmistakable solid wood feel underfoot. Our floors are fixed, not floating so they can last 100 years and be sanded many, many times.

  • Oak Strip 62mm - Random lengths of 400mm-800mm x 18-21mm supplied, fitted, sanded and sealed
  • Prefinished Oak Strip 110mm - Random lengths of 400-1200mm x 18mm thick supplied and fitted


Please note our parquet and strip can be laid onto concrete or screed that is straight, dry and even. If you have floorboards we need to put a layer of plywood to even out any movement in the floorboards.

For information on oak strip floors, sales & fitting enquiries call 0800 594 3777

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