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All worktops are pefect and in good condition unless described as seconds.

Worktop Seconds Clearance

Every few years we accumulate worktops that do not conform to our usual high standards for a variety of reasons - These seconds may contain Scratches, dent or defects but with some extra work they should all be usable.

  • Prime Beech 4m x 620 x 27mm £119
  • Prime Beech 3m x 620 x 27mm £90
  • Prime Oak 4m x 620 x 27mm £160
  • Prime Oak 3m x 620 x 27mm £120
  • Bespoke Cutting Sale - for a limited time only
    • Belfast Sink + Draining Grooves - £60.00!!
    • Belfast Sink + Draining Grooves on both sides - £80.00!!



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